Insights on how I started my own web-design business.

Introduce yourself and provide a brief description about your business venture.

I’m John Matt , based in England and I learned web-designing through a course I purchased from Udemy. First I made a website for my cousin and few other friends. Later on few other orders started coming in through word-of-mouth.

web design business

How did you get your idea or concept for the business?

A lot of people would approach me to do their web designing just after a work I did for my cousin became my business card. So I thought, why not do it for a living and here we are now!

What is unique about your business?

Well, web-designing as such is not a unique thing to embark on as an entrepreneur. However, over a period of time I have spelt some uniqueness into the way I offer my service. Before starting on the designing part, I learn about my clients’ business, their expectation from the new website they intend to have, how important it is from the marketing point of view and so many other areas specific to the business. I also make it a point to make it search engine friendly and advice them on how the website can be a marketing machine if used in a planned and well thought out manner.

How did you make your first sale?

The first sale is the most important sale for any business. It sets the foundation for all other sales and often dictates how profitable your company will be.


While there are no definite ways that guarantee you will get the first sale, it is important to try different methods that may work for your venture.


I know that for any businesses,the first sale is one of the most exciting moments in it’s life . However, if you don’t have an audience to present your products or services, you won’t be able to get your first sale. That’s why it is important for every business owner to make sure they are following  steps.


Find Your Niche – You need to understand who your target customer is before you start marketing. Identify the needs and pain points of this customer and identify what they are looking for in a product or service. Make sure you choose a niche that will work for your company as well as with your advertising budget and time constraints.


Build an Audience – Prior to selling, there needs to be an audience, so find out where your target audience is now and how they search for products and services they need.


Then, as soon as possible, start selling your product or service to these people. You can do this by giving them a discount or free trial of the product or service they want to buy


My first sale was through word-of-mouth. So I did not struggle to get my first sale.

How do you build authority in your market?

To build authority in a market, one should be able to solve problems for said market. One way to do so is by being the expert in it.


Another way is by being an active contributor in the community. It all starts with building relationships with others who are into that particular niche. This can be done by using social media networks or writing guest articles on blogs.


Start by investing in content creation. Some great content creation ideas for any small business is starting a blog/podcast/youtube channel etc. The next step is to network with local influencers and associates through social media. Finally, identify your target audience and focus on it!


The best thing to do is to concentrate in a particular niche and serve them well. Provide enough content to the target market and always be willing to help prospects and clients. So my clients are mostly from the service industry and when I take on a client I become part of their team and provide them the necessary guidance with regard to digital marketing as a whole! So with that attitude and availability to answer any questions , I have built an authority in the market I am serving.


What motivates you?

The idea of working from anywhere and being my own boss. With this business I can pretty much work from anywhere regardless of any geographical boundaries!


I know that successful entrepreneurs are not afraid of risk or failure, they are motivated enough to take the chance. Entrepreneurs do not give up even when their first few tries don’t work out as planned.


I also feel there are many different motivators for entrepreneurs, but the most common one is the desire to build a brand that would become an house-hold name. Other common motivators include: fame, recognition, doing something they love, having a sense of purpose and meaning, create value and of-course money!

What skills do you think should an entrepreneur develop to stay ahead?

Along with organization, marketing, leadership, and negotiation, considering the current digital revolution, it would do good for an entrepreneur to be proficient with the digital landscape and be aware of new trends happening in the business arena. Keep Google alerts on certain specific keywords for their business to be aware of the trending topics etc.


With the rise of social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook Live, Snapchat, Twitter, etc., mastering social media has become a valuable skill that is essential for entrepreneurs. These platforms can be used for everything including marketing our products or services to publishing content or even finding new employees for your company.


I think it would be right to say that entrepreneurs need to be ready to take risks, learn new skills and adapt to new environments. As they say, entrepreneurs often have to wear “many hats” which means that they are expected to wear many different hats in order for their business or project to work.

What marketing strategies do you attribute to your success?

I am fully immersed into the digital platforms, mainly Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin. Word-of-mouth marketing too plays an important part in getting our brand out there.

“Well there are many books that would be a treasure to entrepreneurs but these books stand out- Building a story brand , Business made simple by Donald Miller. Success leaves traces by Armand Morin.”

“If you have a passion to do something, don’t waste much time thinking a lot about it. Just do it!”


Why would customers/clients do repeat business with you?

Well, I am always there for any queries clients would have. They can simply get in touch with us anytime even after a job is completed. So I do have clients who do repeat business with me.


I see to it that my clients have no difficulties or pains post purchase of my service. I also follow up with them after they have made their initial purchase and also help them with any other areas they need support with. So basically it is like going the extra mile!

Does your business help the community where it is located or do you have plans in store?

As our business is online we do not do anything specifically to our local area but we do support charities around the globe related to children’s poverty eradication programs.


Actually this is a great way to build a brand by ensuring some space in the mind of customers, prospects and people at large.


Businesses have a lot power in their hands. Through giving back to the community, they can create something new while also maintaining some traditions that have been lost along the way. It’s important for businesses to be aware of how much they can do before just thinking about profit margins.


Businesses can help the community around them by donating and helping to make their everyday lives better. They could also use their financial and manpower resources to educate and provide for the disadvantaged.


I think this is a great way for businesses to show their social responsibility and make sure that they are doing their fair share for society. We may also see many of these businesses in the top rankings of Forbes’s annual list of America’s best companies to work for.

What books would you recommend to new entrepreneurs?

how to start a business

Well there are many books that would be a treasure to entrepreneurs but these books stand out- Building a story brand , Business made simple by Donald Miller. Success leaves traces by Armand Morin.

Are there any websites/blogs/apps that you can’t imagine your day without? Give your reasons.

Yes there are a few podcasts  and apps 

Canva–  Free graphic design tool

Unsplash– It’s a treasure trove of free usable images.

Website grader–  to find out where your website stands with regards to speed, SEO etc.

Short Pixel – To reduce the size of images on the web.

Google webmaster tools  To improve the searchability of your website.

If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

If you have a passion to do something, don’t waste much time thinking a lot about it. Just do it!


If you’re thinking about starting a new venture, these expert tips can help you succeed.

– Take advantage of the free education that is available in your community and online.


– Be flexible, the market might change rapidly and you need to be able to adapt without too much stress.


– Find a mentor who has been successful in your field before, many people are willing to share their wisdom for free or for a discounted price.


– Use influencers as your brand ambassadors.


I would also say that new entrepreneurs should learn from the mistakes of other people. Be aware that entrepreneurship is not a 9-5 job, it’s a lifestyle.


-Stay focused on your vision and don’t get distracted by the noise around you.


-Set deadlines for yourself and follow them without excuses.


-Constantly network where-ever you go and never be shy about what you want to do in life.