February 18, 2019

How to earn a good income through Affiliate Program For Amazon?

What is an Amazon affiliate website?

Affiliate program for Amazon, which is the largest e-commerce platform on the planet that allows bloggers and other referrers to cash in on the pie by allowing them to earn a commission on the total value of transaction that originate from their referral is a decent source of income for many people.

Amazon has a sturdy affiliate marketing program called “Amazon Associates”. Nevertheless, like any business, you will need to promote the products which you have researched and found to have great demand, to earn a decent income.

How does it work?

After registering for an Amazon Affiliate account, you would have a dashboard , from where you copy the HTML links and insert it onto blog posts or any other valuable content that is related to the products you have decided to promote.

These unique links will then direct your readers or viewers that chose to click on them to an Amazon page and if anyone buys a product from there, you earn a commission. The commission that could be earned for a product or categories of products is clearly mentioned on the website. The more you sell on a monthly basis, you will be elevated to a higher level to earn better percentage of commission.

 So that was just the basics of Amazon affiliate program. At this point it would be worthwhile to learn about Amazon affiliate websites.

These are niche websites created by people to sell products with their unique affiliate links from Amazon. Let me reiterate the fact that it has to be based on a niche such as “Home DIY” or “Ballet” and not all the products from Amazon. It is also good to know that even if they don’t buy the product you sent them to, but buys something else, you still earn commission on the purchases made.

So if you find yourself struggling in choosing between different affiliate programs to work with, you have just landed at the right place. Whether you are new to affiliate marketing or been around for some time, you can maximise your income with the right affiliate program.

Why is Affiliate program for Amazon a better alternative?

  • It is relatively easier to join the Amazon Affiliate Program.

After you register, your application is approved in a short while even if you don’t have a website or boatloads of traffic.

You could use  free platforms like Google’s blogger and there are many affiliates who earn even without a website. To be successful, you need to use the advertising platforms such as Facebook , Google , Instagram etc.

  • It offers one of the best Commission programmes in the industry

It is easy to estimate your earnings with Amazon as it is calculated as a percentage of the price. However, there are few products where the commission is fixed regardless of the cost of the item. An important feature about the Amazon affiliate program compensation is the performance fee payment structure, ie. the more products are sold through your affiliate link, the higher is your commission percentage.

  • Products on Amazon sell themselves.

As a matter of fact most of the Amazon products sell themselves. You need to review the products and advertise it to bring traffic from your website to Amazon. The chances of a customer making a purchase on Amazon is high and the question is how many different items would they end up buying.

 So, this makes it very evident that Amazon presents you with an opportunity to create an outstanding income by selling products that are proven to be high in demand. You should also remember the fact that you are associating with the best brand known for its logistics management.

Registering For Amazon Affiliate Program.

These are the steps to register for Amazon affiliate program.

Step 1

This will be the first page you see after entering the Amazon website and clicking on “Associate Program” Click on the “Join Now for Free” button to move forward with the registration.

Step 2

Next , you are taken to the page to enter your details for creating an associate account. If you already have an Amazon account, you could login with the same details.

Step 3

If you are new to Amazon, click on create account to continue.

Step 4

In this step you will have to enter the required details as shown on your screen.

Step 5

Enter the required details in this step and click the “Next” button

Step 6

On this page, you have to enter your websites and mobile apps URL(s). It is also good to know that you can enter more than one website as long as they are legitimate. If you do not have any mobile app URLs at the moment, that’s fine. You could enter it when you are ready with one. You will still be allowed to continue after clicking enter.

Step 7

Next step is to enter your store ID and few description of your blog or websites on the profile page. You could chose a niche area to promote at this stage. Click “Next” to continue.

Step 8

Next is the verification of your identity, where in you have to enter your phone number and click “call me now”. You will receive a PIN number on your phone, which has to be entered on the page.

Step 9

After you have entered the PIN, you will be redirected to the page as shown above. To continue, click on the “         Finish” button.

Step 10

Here you will get your unique Associate ID and will be directed to enter your Payment and Tax Information now or later.

Step 11

If you have not entered your payment and tax information, there will be a reminder on your dashboard to do so.

Associate Program Operating Agreement.

It is ideal for you to know the operating agreement in order to begin your journey.

Description Of The Program

Its purpose is to allow you to advertise products or services on your blog or website and earn commission from purchases of anything on Amazon made by your site visitors.

The description could include texts, images, links, widgets etc.


After submitting a completed program application, the enrolment process will start. Amazon will do a thorough study of your application and could reject it if they found any inappropriate content such as related to hate and violence, sexually explicit materials, content related to any illegal activities etc. It is important to note that children under 13 years are not your target audience and does not include any Amazon trademark.

Links On Your Site

If you are accepted into the Program, you could display the Unique Links given to you, on your site. These Links will allow accurate tracking, reporting, and commission earned.

Responsibility For Your Site

It is important to know that you the affiliate is responsible for your site, which includes its operation, maintenance and all content that appear on it.

Order Processing

Amazon will do all the order processing for the purchases made by customers who follow your unique affiliate links.

Advertising Fees

Amazon will pay you commission on Qualifying Purchases on a monthly basis.

Policies And Pricing

It is important to know that customers who buy products through this the Associate Program are Amazon customers and are bound by the Amazon terms and policies mentioned on their site which are subject to changes often.

Compliance With Laws

With your participation in the “Amazon Associate Program”, you have to comply with all applicable laws, ordinance, rules and regulations, licenses, permit, decision and other requirements of any governmental body that has jurisdiction over you.

The Amazon Associate program Kick-off.

Here are few steps to get you started.

Decide on your niche

It is always advisable to choose a narrow niche that is relatively easy to target. For example Ballet dance, Home DIY , Keto diet etc.

Choose a domain name

 It would be ideal to pick a domain name with keyword in it so that it would be of help with SEO. You might have to spend a bit of time for this, as it has to be relevant and match your chosen niche. Note down your options and then finalise on the best one. Search for your domain here. It could be something like, etc.

Web hosting for your site

You need to be careful here because you will find many companies offering various features and some come with very high monthly charges . The truth is, as you are starting out, you may not need many of the features they are offering.

 There are plenty of options to choose from with regard to hosting your website or blog. is a good option as they offer a free domain name for the first year with hosting.

The blog platform

A sturdy blog platform will provide the required structure to run an active site and post contents without much technical knowledge. WordPress is the most popular platform that is even used by big brands. It is free, easy to install and is exceptionally powerful. It is good to note that most of the webhosting companies including Bluehost have a one-step WordPress installation.

A sturdy blog platform will provide the required structure to run an active site and post contents without much technical knowledge. WordPress is the most popular platform that is even used by big brands. It is free, easy to install and is exceptionally powerful. It is good to note that most of the webhosting companies including Bluehost have a one-step WordPress installation.

Make it remarkable in appearance

WordPress provides many themes, some of which are free and some has to be purchased to make your blog or site truly remarkable in appearance. Pick a theme with the required layout and tools that would be ideal for your chosen niche.

Set up categories on the WordPress site

WordPress allows you to setup categories that would help you to organise your posts so as to make it easier for visitors to search and find what they are looking for. For eg. In the Home DIY niche, there would be categories such as “window fixing” , ”curtain installation” painting etc.

Populate your site with relevant content

You will need to populate your site with relevant content before submitting it to Amazon as the part of the registration process, where they would review your site as adhering to their policies.

Blog post links

The ideal way to create links for the blog posts is through your “Amazon Associate” page, from where you could choose the products you want to review on your site. You can build your personalised links from there and based on many experts view, text links are the most effective ones.

Promote your website

 There are many ways to promote your website, which includes free options and paid ones. Free ones are through social media platforms and standing out in the search results. Paid ones include Facebook ads, Google ads etc which provides a faster exposure than free options.

Making Money With Affiliate Program for Amazon


When embarking on the Amazon affiliate program as a new-bee, the commissions may not look very attractive. Yes, the 4% commission is not an encouraging one. However, it would make difference when you make a 4% commission of $160 on a $4000 DIY kit.  When you get more sales through your affiliate link ,the 4% commission would go up further reaching to as much as 8%.

People make multiple Purchase on a visit

Another important aspect about Amazon is the mind-set of a lot of people where they regard Amazon as the one stop shopping platform. Through your review site people enter Amazon and many a times they end up buying more items than they initially came to purchase. Even if they visit Amazon within 24 hours of the previous visit through your review site, the commission goes to you.

Every Little Adds Up

It is easy to loose heart as the 4% on a $10 book which is 40 cents is not very encouraging. Nevertheless, this would add up over a period of time. I would say, celebrate the small earnings and be consistent with reviews and have many links on different areas of the website. Don’t hesitate to place your links strategically in your content or article .One sale would become ten, ten a hundred and a hundred a thousand. You will have to work on it like any other business to have a steady income.

Affiliate Marketing Mastery

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Ways To Increase Amazon Affiliate Income

As a matter of fact, lot of people have decided to give Amazon Affiliate program a try due to the revenue generating possibilities it presents.  Nonetheless, many are not aware of the significance of creating a best sellers list and presenting it to their readers.

Though this is not a novel concept, I would advice you to think big and create your own “Best Sellers’ list” , which could be posted on your blog posts  and newsletters.

The best sellers’ list you create should have at least 7 products but not more than 10 in one category. This works because customers and prospects want to be part of trends, they want to know which products have high sales and many a times people would change a decision based on what most of the people are buying.

Each time you create a “Best Sellers’ list” and post it to your audience, you would see an increase in conversion, surge in sales and ultimately commission.

There is a way to boost your commission percentage and thereby your overall income. To attain the 6% commission rate you are required to sell seven items a month. As smaller items sell fast, it is adviced to promote a lot of them initially so as to enhance your commission rate, which makes it easy to earn more on big ticket items.

Write a review for the product you want to promote, giving all the necessary details. Mention the pros and cons of purchasing the product. Make sure that your content is not more than 500 words, lest you lose the prospects. Post it on your site, share it through social media networks and it is also adviced to show your presence on Quora . Product reviews are worthwhile because they provide valuable information to the readers and if it is well-written and convincing, the readers in most cases will click through to Amazon and buy that product.

Based on your niche, optimise your pages for search engines. For instance, if you are focussing on DIY Hammer drill, you will want to SEO your page for the keyword “Hammer Drill” to bring targeted traffic to your site.

Focus on the bigger ticket items for your main commission because 4% of $1000 is obviously more attractive than 4% of $10.

Amazon offers you a wide range of products, so many that no matter what your niche is, you should have no problem finding a product to promote and sell. So make the most of what Amazon offers you.

If you publish amazing deals, it can increase your revenue, and the ideal way to do this is simply to post weekly deals. You could include this in your content and make it appear as though you are offering them valuable information. If you have the time and inclination, you can do it as a daily deal, posting every day instead of weekly.

You could also publish a monthly list of bestsellers, which does not necessarily have to be products from your niche.  You can find out what the bestsellers are on Amazon just by going to

Have carousel banner ads made from your associate account ,as they work better than static banner ads. They are interactive and can display almost a dozen products in the banner. You can even add products manually if you want to or simply display the bestselling products.

The general notion is not to open an Amazon astore as the conversion rates are awfully low.


These tips are merely to start you on your journey of becoming a top notch Amazon affiliate. You still have to do a lot of planning and work persistently by keeping your site updated with appropriate and original content. Content can be written by yourself or you can outsource it through Fiverr or IWriter . Your content should also contain the relevant keywords and links to help with SEO, so that you are visible on top search results.

Lastly, remember that one sale might seem like a drop in the ocean. Nevertheless, it would add up over a period of time. Simply keep writing and promoting valuable content, whereby remarkable results will come-forth.

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